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       I am a native of St. Louis and worked for seven years in consulting engineering working as a civil designer and later as a plumbing design engineer. During my early years I used every opportunity to learn and advance myself taught skills in many areas of building construction.

       In 1984 my passion for building led me to quit my engineering job and join my father-in-law devoting full time to my carpentry and building interest by working on a variety of challenging custom homes. I founded my company in 1986 and was able to gain early recognition from project by architects such as Mitchell Wall, Dick Busch, and Lauren Strutman. Over the years I became involved in progressively more challenging custom home projects. Architects and clients that I work with have come to know my attention to detail throughout every element of the building process.

       Today I devote my time to project supervision, management, and designing built-ins and trim work. Over the past thirty years I have assembled an extraordinary team of dedicated, professional, and experienced craftsman in all the various trades that echo my uncompromising commitment to quality. Each one of us takes tremendous pride in creating the finest unique homes for clients who expect and appreciate impeccable workmanship and detail. Our goal is to always build with a passion that culminates in a finished product that exceeds our client’s expectations.  

       Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in hiring a builder who is dedicated and talented enough to meet every one of your home building dreams.


The Art of Custom Building

The process of building a custom home or completing a renovation involves a creative collaboration between the client, architect, interior designer, other specialized consultants, and the builder.
Good communication and synergy within this team is essential for a successful, enjoyable, and memorable building experience. While the choices of building materials and techniques have changed over the years, the importance of this relationship has not. Choose your builder on the same basis as you would any other entrusted professional. I believe that the following qualities are required to be an exceptional custom builder.

     Trust is an important aspect of the builder-owner relationship. It is imperative that you fully trust your builder’s business and
       creative abilities. In the same token the builder’s success depends on his trust of the owner.
     Good communication skills and availability during all phases of design, negotiation, construction, and beyond cannot be        overemphasized.
     It is important for a builder to be creative and to be able to share his wealth of talent, construction knowledge, and ideas for the        benefit of the client.
     The ability to work with and understand drawings, think three dimensionally, and also identify and offer constructive input during
       the design and construction process.
     A custom builder must employ, orchestrate, and be able to motivate a complex team of skilled craftsmen and suppliers for
      all aspects of, and for the duration of construction. A good working relationship is essential to achieve the desired results,
      accountability, ultimate value, and quality control

An important element of my building career has been working as a “hands on” builder from the beginning. Having a strong background with and staying in touch in the field side of the construction process compliments my detailed construction management style and the appreciation for organized paperwork. Having a good rapport and reputation with your subcontractors, suppliers, and building officials has proven to result in the highest quality work at a fair cost.

The process of building a unique and truly custom home or renovation can be described as the most challenging, emotional, and risky experience of your life. With the right builder it will be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Custom Building for me over the past thirty years has been a constantly evolving, challenging, and rewarding experience. I consider every client and project a unique privilege, an opportunity to display our talents and expertise, and one more reason to build with the best.


How we make the building experience easier

We use many different tools to help guide you through the accounting, selection, and decision process that will help to make it a mutually enjoyable building experience.

These tools include:

  • All project communication will be with Dean Teiber
  • Documented email communication
  • Complete itemized project cost breakdown
  • Detailed material and labor subcontractor proposals
  • Stipulated lump sum construction contract
  • Open book policy
  • Construction schedule
  • Construction disbursing with lien protection
  • Change order procedure
  • Allowance and Selection Outline Guide to help make all selections in a timely sequence, and keep within budget
  • Professional and knowledgeable suppliers to help with selections.
  • Skilled trade craftsmen
  • Continuous site cleanup
  • Scheduled progress meetings
  • Meeting notes record
  • As-built records and photos available